Mike Vaughn is a Master Bootmaker who lives in Bowie, Texas.

Mike began his boot making apprenticeship at the age of 16, while still in high school. His mentors were Clyde and Joe Vasquez, two brothers and Master Bootmakers, who went to work at what was then Frank Leddy’s, now M.L. Leddy’s, in the Ft Worth Stockyards over 30 years ago. Clyde and Joe began working for Frank Leddy in 1941, the day he opened the store, and were still there in 1983 when Mike graduated from high school.

In Mike’s 5 1/2 years of apprenticeship with Clyde and Joe, they would always say “You better pay attention to what we’re showing you because it’s not written down anywhere and when we’re gone, the knowledge is gone.”

Today the legend is carried on as Mike continues to create beautiful, quality, great fitting handmade boots for cowboys, cowgirls, businessmen and city folks all over the country.

Mike has one goal when it comes to crafting the finest handmade boots in Texas–perfection. His artistic flair, authentic cowboy style and demand for excellence are evident in every pair.

You can feel free to contact Mike at 940-872-6935 or by email at mike@mikevaughnhandmadeboots.com.

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